When the weather is just right, you could view an assortment of volleyball games popping up throughout the open spaces at Golden Gate Park. When groups totaling less than 25 individuals come to play, there is no need to reserve a space. Wherever there is an unused open plot of land to set up nets, you can host your own exciting games in the park.

Who Plays Volleyball at Golden Gate Park?

A wide-range of local and school volleyball-related events are held at Kezar Pavilion, while several fields about Golden Gate Park serve as the perfect setting for a competitive game or two. For some, coming to Golden Gate Park is a ritual that allows family and friends the opportunity to catch up and have a good time through energetic activity.

For instance, some members of the San Francisco International Volleyball Club have been coming to the park for more than ten years to play. The club may sound like a legitimate contender for the latest local tournament trophy, but this group of pick-up volleyball players do not compete in league tournaments, do not receive trophies, and truly meet up every Sunday just to have fun without any strings attached.

Volleyball at Kezar Pavilion

To enjoy open games of volleyball, Kezar Pavilion offers plenty of opportunities on Mondays, from 7pm to 9pm. For the fee of $2, game play is held from the middle of October to the end of May. Kezar Pavilion can be found situated next to Kezar Stadium (at 755 Stanyan St), offering an entertaining indoor arena positioned in the southwest corner of Golden Gate Park.

While other sports, such as basketball, professional boxing, and soccer are enjoyed on the premises; volleyball is very much alive on Mondays. The occasional middle school tournaments and other volleyball events may also find their way to Kezar Pavilion as well. Additional questions can be answered by calling 831-6316.

Volleyball at Sharon Field

When looking for a nice place to enjoy the great outdoors and set up shop, Sharon Field is known as a rather accommodating location to enjoy volleyball games. Many also consider this site a hot spot for many different public events; so don’t be surprised if you’re not the only one on the field. When it comes to popular fields in the park, Sharon ranks high on the list. To find this location, head for JFK and Kezar Drive, where this particular volleyball sanctuary awaits.