One of the main objectives of the SF Track and Field Club is to promote gay and lesbian athletes and athletics – involving all genders, races, and abilities. The joy of the sport always trumps the competitive spirit, as the organization centers on providing encouragement for athletes to achieve their personal best.

Brief History

The San Francisco Track & Field Club started in the Fall of 1982, soon after the first Gay Games were held in the city. It was Dr. Tom Waddell (founder of the Gay Games), who came up with the idea to create a group of athletes to represent San Francisco in the track and field division of the Games. The experience proved rewarding and soon prompted the formation of the SF Track & Field Club, which allowed participants to continue training and compete as a unit.

Membership Details

It is free to join the San Francisco Track & Field Club, but if you wish to participate in the Gay Games as part of Team San Francisco, you are expected to pay a fee.

SF Track and Field Club Events

Mark your calendars for meetings held every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and on Sunday mornings between late January and early October. In the meantime, a variety of track events are held, which includes participation in the National Championships and other possible meets. While everyone is encouraged to partake, no one is committed to compete or come to practice. The Tuesday and Thursday night workouts are held at Kezar Stadium at Golden Gate Park. A prompt start is expected – so be on time! Sunday morning workouts take place at the SFSU track.