Holiday shopping may sound like fun until you find yourself packed in like sardines at Union Square with all the other frantic holiday shoppers this season. Ditch the crowds and come out to the Bazaar Bizarre December 15th to discover tables overflowing with personalized, handmade, and one of a kind gifts. This isn’t your granny’s craft faire! Sign up early and you can attend craft workshops to make something special of your own. Some of the workshops include turning that ugly button down shirt into something hip that you would actually be proud of. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to create hand-sewn gift tags, etch some glass, and make your very own zip-top shoulder bag.

And if you don’t find something at the Bazarr, remember the park itself has its own natural gifts. Though the trees may be loosing their leaves and the winter may seam grey, you can always count on a burst of color at the Conservatory of Flowers or the Japanese Tea Garden…enjoy it with a friend. Or give the gift of art to someone special with a membership to the De Young or the Legions of Honor. And if you can’t think of what to get that special someone this year, come out and take a stroll through the park. Clear your mind and soul of all the stress that unfortunately also seems to come along with the holidays.