Foster your child’s interest in science and geology by encouraging a ‘citizen scientist’ within your family. The California Academy of Sciences (located at Golden Gate Park) is offering spaces to partake in a long-term monitoring project regarding the Academy’s living roof. The Living Roof Project involves the Naturalist Center staff exposing local youth (ages 12 and older) to the many different native plants and animals that call the Roof their home.

Reservations are required for this event. Since the Living Roof Project is limited in the number of people who can participate, it’s important to act fast to capture one of 15 available spaces. If the event is full, additional chances to enjoy this event include July 23rd, August 16th, and August 20th.

From 9:30am to 12:30pm on Sunday, July 19th, your child will be able to explore critters, birds, insects, and the intriguing ecosystem that makes up the Living Roof. It’s an opportunity your budding explorer shouldn’t pass up. The price to enjoy the Living Roof Project is $3. For more information and to reserve your space, contact 415-379-8000. Participants will meet at the Business Entrance reception desk and should come prepared wearing clothing appropriate for outdoor fun.