Stretching ½ mile along Stanyan Street and kissing the end of the Panhandle, the eastern edge of Golden Gate Park offers an array of attractions, including the reed- and fern-filled Alvord Lake, the historic McLaren Lodge, and local recreational hangout called Kezar Pavillion. Follow the twisty paths of the far northeast corner to explore a small hilltop and brushy landscape. Over time, you will learn that there is plenty to see and do at the East Edge of the park.

Things to Do

The East Edge of Golden Gate Park is filled with wondrous and delightful natural features that attract locals and tourists of all ages. The section closer to Haight Street is a popular hangout for people who like to congregate and sprawl across the lawn. Bring a book, board game or picnic blanket to make the most out of your time. For delightful photo-taking opportunities, seek out the blossom-filled trees situated along the east edge of the park at Stanyan Street near Page Street. At Stanyan Street near Oak Street, keep your eyes out for the magnolia leaves.

Additional features of the East Edge of Golden Gate Park include:

• Dog Run – Pet owners will take delight in the paths that weave in and out of trees and brush – located at the far northeast corner of the park near Stanyan and Fulton Streets.

• Tree Fern Dell – Covered in New Zealand ferns, the Tree Fern Dell at Golden Gate Park transports you back into a more ancient time as you walk along the paths just south of the Conservatory of Flowers (and towards Lily Pond). During the 1960s, this part of the part was referred to as Mescaline Grove.

• Raccoon Hollow/Live Oak – Behind the Conservatory of Flowers (between Fulton Street and Conservatory Drive West), you will encounter a valley of live oak trees, bushes and wild grasses. As you travel along the winding paths, note that the landscape is covered in green during the springtime season and turns to a dry brush later in the year.