Take control of your future! With informative workshops and hands-on demonstrations, join your fellow San Francisco residents, nonprofits, businesses, and municipal agencies in exploring and sharing the benefits of Sustainability, Health, Local Food and Green Economy, Spirit, and Youth Engagement. This weekend, learn how you can contribute to building a beautiful community.

The Golden Gate Park welcomes this unique event centering on the concept of a 100% noncommercial get-together that promotes the complete absence of waste with the help of agencies, such as Literacy for Environmental Justice; SF Bike Coalition; and Green Music Network. Overall, this can’t miss extravaganza provides an outing full of knowledge, music, and food.

Who would have thought that educating yourself for a better tomorrow could be such fun?

If you’re looking for more details on this event, a complete list of participants and workshops (such as Solar Wind Opportunities in California and Green Bloc Activism) can be found at www.beautifulcommunities.org. You may also directly contact the Event Manager (Amy Benziger) at [email protected] or 415-722-6200 (cell).

When: June 21st & 22nd; 9am -7pm
Where: Sharon Meadow, Golden Gate Park (right next to the Children’s Playground and Carousel)