Experience the serenity of a trip across Stow Lake at Golden Gate Park in a rowboat, electric boat or pedal boat rented from the historic Stow Lake Boathouse. The relatively new fleet of American-made vessels is capable of seating from one to four boaters. If you rent a motorboat, there is no need to worry about the electric power – they are made to quietly glide across the water. Overall, many people find a Stow Lake boat ride as being one of their most enchanting memories of a visit to the park.

Renting a Boat

The Boathouse offers vessels with a reputation for being some of the most “non-tipping, self-bailing, unsinkable” models available. Stow Lake Boathouse rental rates are as follows:

• Row Boats – $14/hour
• Pedal Boats – $19/hour
• Electric Boats – $29/hour

The Boathouse also plans to offer boat reservations in the future.

Age Limits for Boaters

There are a few safety rules that boaters must follow when renting from the Boathouse, such as age restrictions. Visitors aged 14 and under must have a parent or guardian (age 18 or older) accompany them on the water. Boaters aged 15 to 17 years of age may pedal or row unaccompanied on the water when a parent or guardian signs a boat rental agreement form. Boaters ages 18 and over are expected to sign a waiver before being able to pedal or row on their own.

Rules and Regulations

When renting from the Stow Lake Boathouse, a maximum of three people are allowed per rowboat or four people per pedal boat/electric boat. While boating lessons are not offered, a staff member will illustrate the basics of your vessel before you embark on your adventure.

The prohibited use of alcohol and other substances that can impair judgment is strictly enforced. Boaters must also wear life jackets at all times. Horseplay on the boats is forbidden – no intentionally tipping your boat, standing, switching seats, or bumping into other vessels. Also, you are not allowed to swim or dive into Stow Lake.

Even if you don’t rent a boat, you can still visit the Boathouse Café, which serves up hot and cold meals with a menu that includes organic and sustainable food items using locally sourced ingredients.

Contact Details

Address: 50 Stow Lake Drive
Phone Number: (415) 386-2531
Hours: Every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Website: http://www.stowlakeboathouse.com/
Email: [email protected]