Situated on the northern side of the park, you will find Spreckels Lake located close to 36th Avenue – a haven for active pursuits in Golden Gate Park. The lake was named after sugar magnate and former Park Commissioner of San Francisco Adolph B. Spreckels. At any given moment, you’ll see the lake dotted with Tai Chi practitioners, remote-controlled boats, bike riders, joggers, or enthusiastic sightseers. It’s a favorite attraction for visitors of all ages.

Things to Do

Since Spreckels Lake is home to the San Francisco Model Yacht Club, it’s not uncommon to see people showing off their remote controlled model yachts or boats. Interested parties can join in on the fun, or simply enjoy the festivities by watching on the sidelines. The surrounding greenery makes the lake a nice place to visit while bike riding in the park. Don’t be afraid to take a pleasant stroll along the lake.

Spreckels Lake offers the beauty of Monterey Cypress trees, which create a beautiful silhouette against the sunlight, especially during a visit at dusk or dawn. Because of this, the lake is a nice place to gather your thoughts, read a book, or simply relax.

Take the time to sit a spell on one of the surrounding benches and appreciate nature’s little critters. Turtles looking for the warming rays of the sun poke their heads out of the water. Ducks waddle by. Squirrels scurry in the trees. Fish jump out of the water for a brief show – flopping down with a resounding splash and providing an exciting spectacle for younger visitors.

Running events have also incorporated Spreckels Lake into their courses, making it an enjoyable place to stretch the legs and compete against fellow local athletes.


You will find Spreckels Lake located on Spreckels Drive at 36th Avenue.