Located in the Outer Sunset neighborhood, the Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located one block away from Golden Gate Park. Serving the San Francisco region since 1978, the eatery combines traditional and modern ways of cooking, and uses natural ingredients and fresh garden vegetables, beans, nuts, tofu, and whole grain products.

Known for a satisfying selection of vegetable-centered dishes, including a great deal of imitation or ‘fake’ meats, the award-winning Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant is a culinary haven for vegetarians.

Address: 2026 Irving St
(between 21st Ave & 22nd Ave)
Phone: (415) 731-2548
Website: http://shangrilavgrest.com

Menu Highlights

The Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant has a dinner menu offering Appetizers (such as homemade spicy cucumber), Soups (including Veggie Shark Fin’s soup), Vegetables (like Eggplant with Hot Sauce), Veggie Meat Specialties (such as Spicy Fish and Smoked Veggie Duck), Tofu (bean curd dishes), Chow Mein and Soup Noodles, Fried Rice (made with mixed and curried vegetables), and Desserts, such as Almond Jell-O, Walnut Sweet Cream Soup, and green tea ice cream.

Other menu highlights include:

• A Herbal Soup and Entrée menu that dotted with veggie soups and entrees made with Chinese traditional herbal ingredients, such as wolfberry, Dong Guai and ginseng. These ingredients aim to tone, nourish, beautify, relax, and promote youthfulness. For example, the Wolfberry Lyceum Fried with Sliced Veggie Meat is meant to cleanse the liver, nourish the eyes, as well as energize mental clarity.

• Lunch Specials that include a soup of the day, rice, and egg roll, such as the Curried Tofu with vegetables, and Sweet & Sour Walnut.

For the best deal, the Family Dinners offer a collection of edibles to satisfy a minimum of two people with the option to add more selections for additional diners. The basic Family Dinner comes with a Crispy Spring Roll, Hot and Sour Soup or Wonton Soup, Shangri-La Special Low Carb Plate, Veggie Chicken with Cashew Nuts, and Fried Banana Ball.

Food Recommendations

In addition to testing out the herbal concoctions and ordering Kosher menu items, past customers praise the following menu items at the Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant:

• The Hot and Sour Soup provides a hearty, flavorful start to a meal that has been called “delicious and quite spicy.”

• The house-made tofu gets rave reviews, and also comes in a three combo plate with faux goose and faux tripe that has been called especially tasty.

• The creative presentation of the Spicy Fish includes two fried eggplants shaped like fish served on a fish-shaped plate, which is covered in a spicy, Shanghainese sauce that customers say is worth trying.

Also, you will find that a delicious herbal tea and pickled cole slaw (described as a very crispy, light, and spicy medley of sliced cabbage and carrots in a delicious vinaigrette dressing) are complimentary treats served during a meal.

Closest Golden Gate Park Attractions

The closest attraction in Golden Gate Park to the Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant is the Elk Glen Meadow.

Hours: Mon-Sun – from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.