Using the Golden Gate Park as popular stomping grounds – the meadows, lakes, and other natural settings of this historic landmark provides the perfect venue for birders to enjoy a well-rounded lineup of birds. With every changing season, the collection of birds evolves – introducing Warblers, Chickadees, Hummingbirds, Swallows, and Hawks.

Background Details

Since the start of SFFO, the organization has banded together to maintain the official city and county bird lists for San Francisco; elevate the awareness of birding in the city; keep up with a historical database of sightings in San Francisco; maintain an Internet mailing to alert sightings of interest in the region; update website information describing locations of birds in San Francisco; and work towards completing the San Francisco Breeding Bird Atlas. The San Francisco Field Ornithologists also work alongside local conservation groups (like the Golden Gate Audubon Society, Inc.) to protect bird life throughout the city.

Membership Details

Anyone with an interest in birding can become a part of the San Francisco Field Ornithologists, and are expected to pay annual membership dues that cost $5. In return, any publications put out by SFFO are delivered, as you become a part of the SFBirds mailing list. This is a good way to keep track of periodic meetings, which often coincide with a bird-related event. As a member, you additionally agree to follow the ABA Birding Code of Ethics when participating in any birding activity.

San Francisco Field Ornithologists Events

Members of the SFFO often gather to discover the richness of Golden Gate Park, since there are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore the bird population of San Francisco. The western section of the park delivers ample opportunity with spectacular views on weekday and weekend mornings. The activity of birds about the park varies between and during the different seasons.

Members often look forward to a weekday between Christmas and New Year’s each year for the San Francisco Christmas Bird Count, where a surprising number of birds make a guest appearance in the park. In addition to exploring feathered friends residing in Golden Gate Park, the club also holds events and spends time at Lake Merced; Presidio; Glen Canyon Park; Ocean Beach and Fort Funston; and Sutro Heights and Land’s End.