Keeping the spirit alive of the community of disc golfers who come to enjoy this entertaining sport at Golden Gate Park is the San Francisco Disc Golf Club – a not-for-profit organization. The main goal of the club is to construct permanent disc golf courses (with baskets) about the San Francisco region. The Golden Gate Park coarse is situated on JFK (between 25th and 30th avenues).

Brief History

The San Francisco Disc Golf Club got its start in 1997 and has been working towards maximizing its membership base of disc golfers throughout the San Francisco and Northern California region. The goal is to establish a positive impact on the community by promoting the benefits of the sport by creating a supportive environment for both members and non-members to enjoy. Weekly tournaments and a handicapping system for disc golf competitors are just some of the perks offered through the San Francisco Disc Golf Club.

Membership Details

To join the San Francisco Disc Golf Club, payment of $40 membership fees is required along with the filling out of a form found on the main website. As a member, you will receive a limited edition Bagtag for the year you join. A lifetime membership number is provided. You can also take advantage of discounts that only members are granted, including all club merchandise for the calendar year. Official club meetings are held on a need-to-need basis, which usually takes place at the park or rather close to the course.

San Francisco Disc Golf Club Events

The club holds weekly, monthly, and special events throughout the year, where members and non-members are encouraged to join in on the fun. The Disc Golf Safari at Golden Gate Park is a popular yearly event, especially since the establishment of the new 18-hole course.