Saiwaii Ramen is a Japanese restaurant situated in the Outer Sunset neighborhood that is also found within walking distance to Golden Gate Park. Over the years, customers have come to know the eatery as one of the better ramen spots in San Francisco. With a reputation for serving sizeable portions at affordable prices, Saiwaii Ramen is also noted for offering quick service.

Address: 2240 Irving
(between 23rd Ave & 24th Ave)
Phone: (415) 665-7888

Menu Highlights

The menu at Saiwaii Ramen includes a variety of Appetizers (from grilled chicken wings to grilled chicken heart), Salads (like Tuna Poki made with onion, mixed green and a house spicy sauce), Donburi (meat dishes that come with Miso soup), Sushi Rolls, and of course, Ramen, which is served with Cha Shu, Menma (bamboo), Wakame (seaweed), and Negi (green onion).

Other menu highlights include:

• Combo Meals offer choices, such as meatless Curry Don, Tekka Don (raw tuna with sushi rice), Spicy Tuna, Ten Don (fried prawn and mixed veggies), and Unagi Don (BBQ eel).

• Sushi options to consider when dining at Saiwaii Ramen include the Lava Roll (shrimp tempura, tuna, spicy sauce), Hawaiian Roll (tuna, avo, macadamia nuts), and Paradise Roll (fried eel, crab, fried onion, avo).

Keep in mind that ordering additional toppings to your ramen (such as egg, spinach, seaweed, and even butter) comes with an extra charge of $1.

Food Recommendations

In addition to sampling the satisfying broths and happening upon the intermittent guest appearance of their special tako salads, past customers often praise the following items on the menu of Saiwaii Ramen:

• The Spicy Garlic Tonkatsu Ramen is one of the more popular ramen soups of the eatery, and is comprised of tonkatsu, cha shu, seaweed, and fresh pasta in a spicy garlic-flavored broth. The ramen has been called the perfect remedy for cold and chilly weather.

• Accompanying the plentiful noodles and flavorful broth, many customers speak highly of the Pork Belly – saying that it melts in the mouth and enhances the flavor of dishes.

• The Cha Siu has been noted as being well-seasoned with mirin, sugar, and soy sauce.

Closest Golden Gate Park Attractions

The closest attractions in Golden Gate Park to Saiwaii Ramen are the Elk Glen Meadow and the Elk Glen Lake.

Hours: Mon-Sun –from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Mon-Thu, Sun – from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Fri-Sat – from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.