Located on the western edge of Golden Gate Park is Ocean Beach, where you will happen upon a stretch of sandiness that continues on for miles. It is here that you encounter a daily reminder of how the park was once covered in sand dunes. While most people do not visit this section of the park to enjoy the water, it is the beach and natural surroundings that draw in the crowds.

Things to Do

Dangerous water conditions prevent people from enjoying the coolness of Ocean Beach, as rip currents and treacherous surf makes it life-threatening. Some people have even drowned while wading in the waters because of the large waves that come. However, locals find other ways to enjoy the delightful scenery, such as running on the beach. Bring a blanket or towel to practice your yoga moves. Take the children to the beach for a day filled with digging in the sand. Why don’t you build the sand castle of your dreams?

You’ll see lovers walking hand-in-hand along the shoreline. The setting is perfect for a mind-freeing stroll. Not many tourists flock to the beach so you don’t have to worry about crowds or lots of distracting activity. Stay a little longer to capture the beauty of an Ocean Beach sunset.

The Beach Chalet and Park Chalet restaurants are also located on the beach in Golden Gate Park, and offer diners lovely views of the water. Their menus are decorated with the likes of crispy calamari, West Coast Carbonara, Atlantic salmon, brownie sundaes, and Lavender Lemon Drop cocktails. Sunday brunches, live music, happy hour specials, and holiday celebrations are also typical events that take place at the eateries.

If you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity at Golden Gate Park, beach cleanup and bird conservation efforts often take place. The beach is home to the endangered Western Snowy Plover – a small, shy bird that enjoys the area during the wintertime. Since their breeding locations have been disturbed by human interference, the wellbeing of the species is strictly followed and protected by the National Park Service.

Weather Details

To enjoy the sunniest months for a beach walk, consider visiting the beach during the months of September and October. Keep in mind that throughout late spring and summer, fog often covers the beach. The temperature also averages in the 50s.

When planning a trip to Ocean Beach, you might want to note that onsite parking is scarce.

Contact Details

Beach Chalet & Park Chalet
Address: 1000 Great Highway
Phone Number: 415-386-8439
Website: http://parkchalet.com and http://www.beachchalet.com/