Located in the Outer Sunset neighborhood, Noori Pakistani & Indian Cuisine is a restaurant situated close to Golden Gate Park that offers sit-down meals, a take-out menu, and delivery services. Priding themselves on delivering authentic flavors, the eatery is one of the prime restaurants to sample a variety of curries – including Vindaloo (simmered in a blend of yogurt and selected spices), Saag (spinach), Tikka Masala (classic sauce), Korma (flavored with saffron), and Gosht (uses a meat flavor base).

Address: 1924 Irving St
(between 21st Ave & 20th Ave)
Phone: (415) 759-7007
Website: http://www.noorisf.com

Menu Highlights

The menu for Noori Pakistani & Indian Cuisine offers Appetizers (like crispy lentil wafers and crispy turnovers stuffed with potatoes, herbs and spices), Soup & Salads, Tandoori/Clay Oven BBQ (including ground beef, chicken breast, ground lamb, fish and prawns), Curries (meat or vegetarian), Chef’s Specials (such as goat curry called Bhuna Gosht), and Biryani (balsamic rice dishes).

Side orders include mango chutne and yogurt sauce (called raita). At the end of your meal, choose from dessert options, such as rice pudding (kheer) or Gulab Jamun (fried milk balls soaked in syrup). You may also quench your thirst with mango lassi, mango juice, soda, and chai tea.

Other menu highlights include:

• Freshly baked breads called Naan, which are flavored with the likes of onion, garlic and chili, or served with ingredients such as spices, ground beef, potatoes, goat cheese topping.

• A flavor rating of escalating spice levels, which includes Spicy, 1 Alarm, 2 Alarm, 3 Alarm, and the hottest being called Six Feet Under.

It should be noted that Noori Pakistani & Indian Cuisine is a cash-only restaurant.

Food Recommendations

In addition to trying out a range of curry sauces and sampling an Indian dessert, past customers praise the following menu items offered at Noori Pakistani & Indian Cuisine:

• Noted for its ‘super creamy’ consistency and satisfying blend of spices, the tender Chicken Tikka Masala has received high ratings from past diners, and is also an award-winning dish for the restaurant.

• The Veggie Pakora (chick pea fritters) have been called ‘fried heaven’, and come with a serving of two different sauces (one green spicy hot and the other a sweeter level of hot).

• The Goat Cheese Naan has won fans for the complementary tastes of the sun dried tomatoes, creaminess of the goat cheese, and the buttery flavor of the naan.

Closest Golden Gate Park Attractions

The closest attractions in Golden Gate Park to Noori Pakistani & Indian Cuisine are the Elk Glen Meadow and Mother’s Playground.

Hours: Mon-Sun from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.