UPDATE: In the past week, the Million-Dollar question had been where did the ‘magical’ door in Golden Gate Park come from, and unfortunately, the new caper is now who destroyed or removed the mystery ‘elf door,’ as it is no longer where it once was.

Many of you have probably already heard by now about the mysterious, small wooden door that has magically appeared in the trunk of a tree situated on Golden Gate Park’s Concourse. The small attention-grabbing fixture of the park has attracted people from near and wide to see for themselves what all the fuss is about. The little door has sparked the imaginations of schoolchildren and adults alike, which have left behind “offerings,” such as notes and gifts. One of the latest additions to the space is what some have described as a ‘creepy’ life-size doll of Donald Trump.

The arched wooden door nestled at the base of an elm tree is situated close to deYoung Museum and Academy of Sciences, and appeared about a week ago. For such a small feature in the park (it barely stands 12 inches tall), it has certainly sparked a huge following so far.

The small door remains a mystery. No one knows who installed it or why, but one thing is for sure – it is one of the park’s latest attractions. For now, park officials aren’t planning on ruining all the fun. Andy Stone (a representative from the San Francisco Parks department) has said that the ‘elf door’ will remain…for now.