Mother’s Meadow was designated as a safe haven for parents and their children when Golden Gate Park formally accommodated popular yet more hazardous pastimes in the park, such as racing horses. Ever since, endless picnics and play dates have unfolded at the grassy expanse located just off of South Drive, and is now considered one of the most beloved playground spaces in San Francisco. This meadow is mostly frequented by children ages three to eight.

Things to Do

The relatively flat grass of the meadow is surrounded by trees – ideal for just running around and being a kid. Families have plenty of space to enjoy group activities, such as Frisbee, soccer, and tag. The wide open lawn offers an accommodating setting for kiddie luncheons in the park…or you could spread out a blanket and simply take in the sights and sounds of happiness. After enjoying a tasty outdoor meal or snack, follow one of the paths located on the east or west sides to explore the beauty of Stow Lake.

Noted for its well-maintained and attractively groomed grass, Mothers Meadow is also equipped with a playground, where children are entertained by swings, slides, climbing apparatuses, and sandpit. You can bring your leashed pooch to the park and read a book. The site also comes equipped with picnic tables and the surrounding trees provide the perfect nook to take a nap. Sunbathers may climb the nearby hill to soak in a few sun rays.


You will find Mothers Meadow located on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Crossover Drive (where 19th Avenue becomes Crossover Drive). A public restroom is found close by to the park.