With steam powered boats and electric sail models taking off across the mesmerizing waters of Spreckels Lake, all classes of vessels delight onlookers and members of the SF Model Yacht Club.

Brief History

The SFMYC has a long history that starts in 1898 when buddies challenged one another to construct a wooden boat that would balance and adjust its sail without any help. Freesailing quickly became a popular pastime throughout the United States and Europe. With the invention of radio control, the beauty and memory of the activity was threatened. However, the SF Model Yacht Club has successfully kept the flame of tradition burning, offering the only place in the world where a full season of freesail racing keeps a regular schedule in four model yacht classes. Since Spreckels offers a spacious aquatic playground for members – the facilities can contain a wide-range of model boat selections.

Membership Details

Anyone with an interest in model yachting and power boating may become a member. You don’t even need to live in the San Francisco region, as the club is filled with members living in all parts of the United States.
Members will receive a monthly newsletter (Nautical News); gain access to the ‘members only’ section of the SFMYC website; and participate in yacht racing and power boat competitions sponsored by the club.

Simply fill out the SF Model Yacht Club application, where you are also given the option to lease a sailboat, obtain a locker ($12), and pay for boat storage ($20). Membership dues vary. For instance, senior members (age 18 or over) pay $30, whereas Junior Members and Associate Members (under 18) pay $15.

SF Model Yacht Club Events

Keep in mind that Slower Electric and Steam Power Models run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays (9am to 1pm); and Fast Gasoline and Fuel (nitro-methane) Power Models run only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (10am to 1pm). Every day , sailboats run from 1pm to 4pm.

• Auctions – Periodic auctions during monthly club meetings may include items such as 36R class yachts donated by members.

• The San Francisco Model Yacht Club Regatta and Power Boat Competition

• Wooden Boats on Parade – The largest model boating show on the West Coast held every other year.

• Tug Boat and Barge Pull – Sponsored by the Power Squad, this annual event offers a weekend with individual and team events.

Website: http://sfmyc.org/index.php