For all of you looking forward to the free beginner swing dance lessons offered at the Golden Gate Park – I should alert you to a time change that will start this weekend. May 4th, 2008 will mark the first lesson showcasing an earlier time for Lindy in the Park. It’s only 30 minutes earlier – but who wants to miss out on this amusing adventure filled with shaking, toe tapping, turning, and energetic fun? When weather is permitting – the swing lessons will be held between 12pm and 12:30pm on Sundays.

Instruction for the free beginner lessons are taught by Hep Jen, who has won a great deal of recognition from the likes of SF Weekly and SF Magazine for her participation in Lindy in the Park and Tuesday Night Jump. The overall experience is quite enlightening with infectious DJ music hitting the air and friendly faces at every turn. Don’t miss out – Lindy in the Park is waiting for your attendance this weekend!