If you’re looking for endless green, the Lindley Meadow at Golden Gate Park provides a superb setting for an enchanting city outing. Eucalyptus trees provide an intriguing border to the grassy stretch of land found along the south edge of John F. Kennedy Drive. Aside from attracting family gatherings, the meadow is also used for local events, such as music concerts (like Hardly Strictly Bluegrass), the bike parades of the Tour de Fat, and cross country runs.

Things to Do

With 12 separate reservable sites (each with one to two tables and BBQ grills), Lindley Meadow is the ultimate party and picnic destination for visitors of Golden Gate Park. Adults can freely drink beer and wine, but open containers are not allowed away from the picnic site. Kegs and hard liquor are not permitted in the park.

The meadow offers a nice stretch of green to host a birthday party for children – inflatable play structures (such as bounce houses) are allowed, but you must get an additional permit beforehand. Keep in mind that no electricity is provided at the park. The meadow offers a nice-sized shared space for lawn games, volleyball, kickball and other fun activities. It’s not uncommon to see Capture the Flag tournaments being held at the meadow. It’s a nice space to see all sorts of activities unfold.

If you’re planning a larger gathering, it is recommended to reserve a few nearby tables. The picnic sites are found in a cluster along the southern edge of Lindley Meadow. They include but are not limited to:

• Tables 6 and 7 – the pair of tables are situated near the center/east of Lindley Meadow.
• Tables 8 and 9 – these pair of tables are located close to the center/east of Lindley Meadow.
• Tables 10 and 11 – these pair of tables are found near the center/west of Lindley Meadow.
• Table 15 – located on the west edge of Lindley Meadow and roughly 10 feet away from table 16.
• Table 16 – located just in from the west edge of Lindley Meadow.
• Table 17 – located on the west edge of Lindley Meadow.

Location and Parking

Lindley Meadow is located on the south side of John F. Kennedy Drive – right across from the 30th Avenue and Fulton Street entrance. When you reach 30th Avenue and JFK, you will find a sign for Lindley Meadow. Free parking for Lindley Meadow is available along JFK Drive, but keep in mind that no cars are allowed on the street on Saturdays (from April to September) and throughout the year on Sundays. Restrooms are located at the Equestrian Center, which are situated just west of Lindley Meadow.