The California Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park launched the ‘Human Odyssey’ exhibit and other related programs in February 2013, and you can still learn about the beings and creatures that lived thousands of years ago. The milestones that our species has reached throughout history unfold in the most recent additions to African Hall at the Academy.

Located in the west end of the hall, you’ll encounter interactive displays, fossil casts, and plenty of scientific information regarding the evolution of Home sapiens.

Visitors have already delighted in the skull casts of three early human species that come to life, as fleshed-out reconstructions magically appear with the help of advanced optical illusion technology. Touchscreen stations illustrate man’s migration over the course of 70,000 years.

Included in your admission to the Academy, you are able to take advantage of related public programs:

Live African Safari
Daily at 1:00 pm (until May 9, 2013)
Learn about the biodiversity of animals and habitats in Africa.

Fossil Forensics
Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 am (until May 9, 2013)
Explore recent discoveries that scientists have made regarding DNA analysis and modern technology.

What Makes Us Human?
Monday – Friday at 11:00 am (until May 9, 2013)
Touches upon human milestones, such as upright walking, tool making, and advanced thinking.