Just imagine a time (not too long ago) when groups such as the Golden Gate Skate Patrol made headlines, as they enjoyed colorful journeys throughout the San Francisco region. During the days of classic Madonna, mullets, and “Xanadu,” flashes of mustard yellow and red skating attire decorated the pavement of Golden Gate Park. Spins, twirls, and fancy footwork were commonplace amidst the shades of green situated in the backdrop of pleasantly warm days.

Courtesy of the California Outdoor Rollersports Association, you too can now take pleasure in brushing up on your skating skills with the help of whom San Franciscans like to call the “Godfather of Skating.” Every Saturday, put your best foot forward at Golden Gate Park (501 Stanyan Street) to channel your inner-80s persona, where legwarmers and really short shorts ruled.

Allow David Mills (the ‘Godfather‘) to illustrate everything you ever wanted to know about skating, such as executing the proper form, balancing, turning, and one of the most important skills to embrace – how to stop! Maneuvering the ups and downs of the park, as well as tackling hills is also a part of this unique experience. Taking advantage of this fun opportunity will also make choosing the perfect brand of in-line skates much easier. Miles will also touch upon wheels, pads, bearings, and other pieces of skating equipments.

So, are you ready to get a fresh dose of exercise on your very own pair of wheels? Bring your skates and pads to experience the guidance of Miles for $25 per person, whereas loaners tack on another $10. For more information and other details on exciting skating events held at Golden Gate Park, don’t forget to check out the official site of the California Outdoor Rollersports Association at http://www.cora.org/.