The Heroes Grove in Golden Gate Park is dedicated to the memory of members belonging to the San Francisco Parlors, Native Sons of the Golden West, who gave their lives during World War I and II. A peaceful collection of coastal redwoods add to the scenery of the grove, where paths leading from the Rose Garden through this wooded hideaway are often overlooked.

Things to Do

War and history buffs may enjoy paying a visit to the grove. For starters, the center of the grove is home to the Gold Star Mothers Rock, which bears an inscription that displays the names of locals who lost their lives during World War I. The grove offers serene surroundings – perfect for reading a book or contemplative meditation. Nature lovers may enjoy exploring the wooded area west of the monument in Heroes Grove. Other features include its close proximity to an adjacent meadow, where the Doughboy Statue with laurel wreath resides.


The entrances to the Heroes Grove are easy to miss, and most visitors pass by the opportunity when traveling down John F. Kennedy Drive without ever noticing the existence of the grove. One of the easiest ways to enter the grove is from JFK Drive – closer to the deYoung Museum.