Located in the heart of Golden Gate Park, Hellman Hollow (formally Speedway Meadow) is a lovely place to enjoy the outdoor scenery and vibrancy of the park. Renamed Hellman Hollow in 2012, the meadow pays homage to one of the park’s leading benefactors, Warren Hellman. To date, there are nine individually reservable picnic areas to consider – all with at least two tables. Throughout the year, the meadow welcomes various local happenings, including music concerts and running events.

Things to Do

When exploring the possibilities of Speedway Meadow, there are plenty of picnic tables with BBQ grills to consider. During family get-togethers and celebrations, adults are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages – only beer and wine, as kegs and hard liquor are not permitted on the premises. Open containers should not leave the picnic area. For birthday parties held at Speedway Meadow, you have the option of including inflatable play structures (such as bounce houses). Please note that an additional permit is necessary and no electricity is provided.

Hellman Hollow has its own restroom facilities onsite.

When booking a picnic site at Hellman Hollow, consider the following options:

• Tables 1 & 2 are located on the far east of the Meadow.
• Tables 5 & 6 are located on the east side of the Meadow.
• Tables 13 & 14 – located in the middle of Hellman Hollow, on the southern edge.
• Tables 10, 11 & 12 – located in the middle of Hellman Hollow, on the southern edge – right across from the restrooms.
• Tables 17 & 18 are located in the western edge of the Meadow
• Tables 19 & 20 are located in the northern part of the Meadow, next to the restrooms.

Location and Parking

Hellman Hollow stretches out along the south side of John F. Kennedy Drive – just west of Transverse Drive (off of 25th Avenue). Free parking for Speedway Meadow is found along JFK Drive. However, don’t forget that cars are not permitted on the street east of Crossover Drive on Saturdays (from April to September) and on Sundays all year-round.