This Saturday, there are no more excuses for you to ignore the beauty and endless activities waiting for you at Golden Gate Park. Why don’t you come out of hiding and celebrate the start of another six months of car-free Healthy Saturdays at the park on April 4th, 2009 (from 12pm to 2pm).

Thanks to the San Francisco Bike Coalition, the 14th Ave picnic area located west of the Rose Garden will serve as the gathering spot for a potluck picnic. Join your fellow bikers, skaters, and walkers who have been eagerly awaiting the chance to enjoy the scenery and fresh air of Golden Gate Park without the tooting of a horn or exhaust in the lungs.

At this event, kids will take pleasure in the biking opportunities provided by Freedom From Training Wheels. Cyclists will have a chance to indulge in bike-related topics. Snacks, new friends, and good conversation are all promised. All you have to do is bring along a blanket, make your way to the park on Saturday, and don’t forget to pack edibles and/or beverages to share.