It’s official… the California Coastal Commission gave the Recreation and Park Department the A-OK to revamp the grass soccer fields at Beach Chalet at Golden Gate Park. The major renovation of the field will include replacing the natural grass with synthetic turf at the soccer field, as well as putting into place lighting so that nighttime play may occur.

Despite protests from environmental groups concerned with the effect of artificial turf and field lights on the coast, local wildlife and the natural features of the western end of Golden Gate Park, the Commission saw in favor of the parents, coaches, soccer and lacrosse players who argued that the improvements at Beach Chalet was beneficial to local kids, as well as helps meet the growing demand for both youth and adult soccer leagues.

For now, the city has plans to put the Beach Chalet project out for bid by the end of the year, and anticipates that breaking ground on the project will take place in 2014, which is slated to take 10 to 12 months to complete.