With a worldwide reputation, the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club (GGACC) provides a comfort zone for fishing enthusiasts to share their interest in casting, rod designs, and fly tying. Lessons, exhibitions, and tournaments are just some of the events associated with this association that uses the Angler’s Lodge and Casting Pools at Golden Gate Park as their stomping grounds.

Brief History

It was June 1933 when the GGACC first organized, gaining inspiration and momentum from the San Francisco Fly Casting Club (the second oldest club of its kind in the United States – founded in 1894). They held their first tournament at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park and boasted a claim to fame for holding the world-record for the best single-handed fly cast.

At first, membership was limited to only 100 people, who became accountable for watching over the lodge situated on Stow Lake. However, during the days of the Great Depression – a new organization emerged and the San Francisco Fly Casting Club assumed responsibility of the facilities at Stow Lake. Today, the club continues to grow with many exciting events and fly-fishing opportunities available throughout the year – accepting an unlimited number of memberships.

Membership Details

When becoming an eligible member of the GGACC, all you have to do is possess an interest in casting or fly fishing as a sport. The initiation fee costs $10 for each type of membership offered – in addition to annual dues, which run January through December. As a regular member, you are expected to pay $30 per year per person. A family membership costs $36 per year. Junior membership dues are $6 if you are 18 years or younger.

Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club Events

An assortment of national and international casting tournaments are held at Stow Lake, as well as free casting lessons, fly fishing shows, and international sportsmen expositions. Free Casting Lessons at the GGACC Angler’s Ponds accommodate all levels of casters and are usually held between 9:30am and 12pm. You must RSVP on the club website to make sure enough instructors are present. Other events associated with GGACC include participation in the Fly Fishing Show (Alameda County Fairgrounds); and Casting Tournaments that often include events like Trout Fly, Dry Fly, 5wt Combo, and 5/8 oz.

Website: http://www.ggacc.org/