How can we let our Golden Gate Park suffer the disgrace of empty candy wrappers, the random soda can, and other blemishes? Trash can put a damper on all the activities that take place at the park. So, why not do your part and lend a hand at getting rid of some of these visual and environmental hindrances? On Saturday, March 8th between 11am and 2pm, a group of proactive individuals are gathering to tackle this issue.

Sunset neighbors and other fans of the park will pull together to clean up the south side of Golden Gate Park – between 21st and 25th Avenues. Lincoln Way entrance is the meeting spot for eager participants to gather before spreading out to beautify and give back to the park that offers so much. Plus – how can you turn down volunteerism with the perks of free food and drinks?

With the help of two local Sunset residents; Neighbors Project (a non-profit); and the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, this family-friendly event encourages the attendance of neighbors of all ages and even dogs. Interested? The organizers are asking for you to drop a quick RSVP by March 7th to {encode=”[email protected]” title=”[email protected]”}