Directly across the street from Conservatory Drive West is a meadow that leads to a simple yet meaningful structure in Golden Gate Park – the Ghiradelli Rustic Shelter. The current shelter was constructed in 1988, using parts of the previous site. One of the highlights of this attraction is an eye-catching chess horse and other game pieces that decorate the space.

Things to Do

While visiting the shelter, settle in at one of the tables for a relaxing picnic or day filled with board games. Surrounded by an abundance of trees, the location is ideal for a peaceful outing with the family. Photographers will also appreciate the varying levels of light that cascade through the trees on a sunny day.


To reach the shelter by foot, start walking back to the left of the Conservatory of Flowers, passing the restrooms in the adjacent building. Walk up the hill and cross the road to Conservatory Drive West. Travel along the paved path that runs along the right side of the meadow located across the street. To your right is the shelter that is just one of the many representing a monetary gift from the Ghiradelli Family.