A quiet, relaxing hideaway awaits your arrival at the shady, grassy meadow of Elk Glen, where surrounding waters and trees provide an enriching blend of flora and fauna. Located across from Mallard Lake, you can reserve this picnic area for a nice outing in Golden Gate Park. You’ll have no trouble navigating the space to accommodate your planned activities.

Things to Do

Get ready for an invigorating game of kickball, volleyball, or similar lawn games across the large grassy space of Elk Glen. There are plenty of opportunities to get the heart pumping and stretch your legs. Children enjoy romping about the meadow, while adults can cozy up to a good read. Bring your own goodies of fun – like a colorful Frisbee, beach ball, or tee-ball set for younger children. Maybe you’d rather spread out a blanket and practice your yoga poses.

You can also take advantage of the beautiful surroundings of Elk Glen by reserving a table and planning a picnic. There are four picnic tables clustered in two pairs – one situated in the heart of the meadow with two nearby BBQ grills. One pair of tables is found on the western edge of the walking path border. Celebrations at Elk Glen may include beer and wine inside the picnic area, but kegs and hard liquor are not permitted in the park.

If you’d like to host a children’s birthday party at the meadow, inflatable play structures (such as bounce houses) are allowed. Keep in mind that you must obtain an additional permit before setting up, and the park does not supply electricity. Unfortunately, there are no restrooms located onsite or near the Elk Glen picnic area.

Location and Parking

The Elk Glen picnic area is found on the north side of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive – west of the intersection with 25th Avenue. You will find the site just across the street from Mallard Lake. Keep in mind that there are no signs identifying the Elk Glen picnic area. Drivers will find free parking along MLK Drive.