Slowly but surely, you will be able to enjoy the unique and fun-filled challenge of disc golf, which can be found at Golden Gate Park. Expansion plans to create a permanent space are in constant motion, as the San Francisco Disc Golf Club wishes to combine enthusiasts of the sport with curious newcomers. Fun for all ages, disc golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport in many parts of the United States. Located at Marx Meadow, a 12-hole course will soon blossom into an 18-hole expansion. McLaren Park (in Golden Gate Park) is also expected to receive an exclusive disc golf course as well.

Disc Golf at Golden Gate Park

Known for being a fun activity for beginners and a challenge for the more experienced, the previous course at Golden Gate Park was a temporary gathering place for those interested in exploring the sport. Since December of 2005, the current disc golf course situated at the park is now being revamped into a permanent haven by a group of dedicated San Francisco Disc Golf Club members who hold work parties during the weekends.

What is Disc Golf?

The interesting sport, which involves the throwing of a flying disc into a basket or other target, is called disc golf. While the challenging activity is known as D-Golf or Frisbee Golf, “disc golf” is the most common term you will encounter. While the sport shares some of the same rules and terms as the Tiger Woods type of golf, this particular variation does not use clubs to score points. Also, another glaring difference is the fact that most of the courses associated with disc golf are free and situated within public parks.

Invented in 1976, the target used in modern disc golf play is a metal basket with hanging chains. Designated tee areas are marked where participants perform each throw that will count towards a player’s score. Throughout the game, participants come across drives (long throws towards the basket); an approach or “chip,” (a moderate throw to the “green”); and a putt (the shortest throw towards the basket). A player scores a hole when the disc lands in the target basket or if it hits a designated object (like a tree) for game play that does not provide baskets.

Most holes consist of par threes because a majority of expert players are able to score a three on a hole. This method of scoring is also much easier to count. While stroke play is considered one of the most frequently used methods of scoring, others have dabbled in match play, doubles, as well as speed golf.

The targets used in disc golf are usually metal baskets that rise into the air about three feet. They are attached to a vertical pole that measures five feet tall. It is the hanging chains on the basket that allows the discs to better land at their intended target. A standard disc golf target will display 12 to 24 chains.

Disc Golf Equipment

The equipment associated with the game of golf disc is rather inexpensive when compared to the game of golf. Discs do not cost an arm and a leg, and when tournaments are held, the fees are fairly reasonable. Golf discs are made from a wide-range of materials and then separated into three different categories: mid-range discs, putters, and drivers. Each kind of disc possesses unique flight characteristics. Depending on how a disc is thrown, a player can control its direction, such as turning left or right, or staying straight. When using golf discs, there are also various throwing techniques, including the forehand thrown (also known as the side-arm), and the backhand throw.