Golden Gate Park is a vast playground, which covers more than 1,000 acres of land. Depending on the area you wish to explore, there are plenty of ways to reach your intended destination from the North Bay, South Bay, and East Bay. Below you will find directions that will bring you to the eastern side of Golden Gate Park, leaving you in the vicinity of 7th Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard, the Big Rec Fields, Japanese Tea Garden, California Academy of Sciences, Strybing Arboretum, Steinhart Aquarium, and De Young Museum:

a) Directions From the East

· Take 1-80 west down and across the Bay Bridge.
· Take the Ninth Street/Civic Center exit located off of the right side of the freeway.
· Bear left onto Harrison Street and take a right on 9th Street all the way past Market Street to Hayes Street.
· Merge left onto Hayes, crossing Van Ness, to Gough Street.
· Take a left on Gough for a block, then make a right on Fell.
· Fell leads all the way to the entrance to Golden Gate Park. The Panhandle is situated on the left.
· Bear to the left onto Kezar Drive, which merges onto Lincoln Boulevard. This will bring you to the south border of Golden Gate Park.

b) Directions From the North

· Cross the Golden Gate Bridge taking 101 south.
· Take 101 south across Cross the Golden Gate Bridge taking 101 south.
· You will reach a $5 toll and after passing, bear far to the right and exit onto the one lane to Park Presidio Boulevard (Highway 1 south, 19th Avenue, Golden Gate Park).
· Cross all the way through Golden Gate Park.
· You should not that you cannot make a left onto Martin Luther King Drive inside the south border of the Park
· This means you will need to loop around by making a right onto Lincoln Boulevard (along the south border of the park), followed by an immediate left onto 20th Avenue, left at Irving, left at 19th Avenue.
· Continue into the park and make an immediate right onto Martin Luther King, all the way toward 9th Avenue.

c) Directions From the South

· Start out by going north on 280 OR getting on 101 north and crossing over in San Bruno from 101 to 380 and then north onto 280.
· As you near San Francisco, bear to the left and follow the 19th Avenue split.
· It is important that you follow the sign that states, “19th Avenue/Golden Gate Bridge” using Highway 1.
· Continue off the freeway onto 19th Avenue, which will lead you all the way north to a Golden Gate Park entrance.
· Once you have reached the park, you may take an immediate right onto Martin Luther King Drive, all the way toward 9th Avenue.