Breathe life into this weekend with a trip to the Dahlia Society of California Flower Show – a treasured event that presents a bloom known to take on many different shapes and colors. Don’t worry – you don’t have to cultivate your own specimens or run a flower shop to enjoy this get-together, as it is open to the public on Saturday, August 16th (10am – 5pm) and Sunday, August 17th (10 am – 4pm).

While some people come to simply take in the sights, others tote cameras by their side – seeking the perfect shot. Whatever your pleasure – head for the Golden Gate Park’s Hall of Flowers (San Francisco County Fair Building – 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way) to become a part of the magic.

Native to Mexico, Central America, and Columbia – the dahlia was named after Anders Dahl – a Swedish botanist of the 18th century. Depending on the species, the flower showcases shades of white, maroon, red, pink, and yellow with fascinating color combinations and petal arrangements. For example, San Francisco has seen the bloom take on various forms of nature, such as the Juul’s All-Star (resembling an orchid), the Alpen Pearl (visually similar to an anemone), and Waterlily Dahlias.

At Golden Gate Park, keep in mind that the show isn’t the only place to capture the intriguing shapes and colors of this particular flower. Make your way to the Dahlia Dell at the Conservatory, where the best time to enjoy blooming dahlias is from July through September.