Some people can’t live without their daily fill of coffee and visiting Golden Gate Park proves no exception to the rule. Coffee joints, offering double lattes, espresso, cappuccino, and a soothing cup of tea can be found both inside and outside of the park. The aromatic blend of a hot serving of joe is enough to accompany a good book or warm the bones on a pleasantly cool day at Golden Gate Park.

After an enlightening day at the park, the fun doesn’t end when the sun sets. Many individuals continue to take in the sights and sounds of Golden Gate Park by visiting one of the local bars situated in the vicinity. Not only does an ice-cold brew await your arrival, but also an assortment of cocktails, wine, champagne, and mixed drinks. Depending on the joint you pay a visit to, you could very well catch an aspiring band’s performance or other satisfying entertainment outlets.

1) Coffee to the People

1206 Masonic Avenue; San Francisco, CA 94117

Hours: Monday – Friday: 6 am – 8 pm
Tuesday: 6am – 9:30 pm (for open mic)
Saturday – Sunday: 7 am – 9 pm

When you purchase a hot cup of coffee or espresso at Coffee to the People, you play a part in easing troubles about the world. This coffeehouse carries brews that are organic and fair trade. This means that while you benefit from not consuming pesticide-filled cups of Joe, you also aid the environment. Some of the tasty options to start your day with include La Resistance French Roast; Peace+Love Alliance; and Beatnik Espresso.

A cup of La Resistance French Roast combines Indonesian, Guatemalan and Colombian selections to create a full-bodied brew with hints of bittersweet chocolate. Peace+Love Alliance delivers a fruity, spicy, and chocolate taste all at the same time. Beatnik Espresso energizes the soul with a blend of Brazilian and other South American selections that are rich with spice and passion. Also, before you step out into the alluring Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, consider taking home fresh coffee at $13.95 for 1 pound; $10.95 for 12 oz. Bag; $7.95 for ½ pound; or $4.50 for ¼ pound.