Chabaa Thai Cuisine is a Thai restaurant situated in the Outer Sunset neighborhood that adds to the growing list of highly rated eateries found close to Golden Gate Park. Known for a pleasant wait staff, the restaurant also has a reputation for serving large portions of food at a decent price. In addition to taking reservations and offering waiter service, Chabaa Thai Cuisine also provides customers with a take-out menu and delivery services that start at 5 p.m. To qualify for delivery, orders must total at least $16.28.

Address: 2123 Irving St
(between 22nd Ave & 23rd Ave)
Phone: (415) 753-3347

Menu Highlights

The Chabaa Thai Cuisine offers a menu divided by Appetizers (such as fried tofu, egg rolls and corn cakes), Thai Salads, Soups, Entrees (including sautéed calamari and cashew nut dishes), Thai Curries (such as Salmon Red Curry), Stir Fired Noodles, Thai Fried Rice, Vegetable/Vegetarian (like a Thai-style hot and sour soup), Side Orders (including Coconut Rice and Sticky Rice), and Desserts, such as fried banana with ice cream and Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango.

Other menu highlights include:

• Chabaa’s Noodle Soups that offer your choice of flat rice, rice stick, vermicelli, and egg noodles, which you may accompany with beef, chicken, pork, seafood, roasted duck, and vegetarian selections.

• The ‘Secret Thai Menu’ features Northern and Northeastern (Isan) style foods that customers say provide a “nice refreshing break from the Central style food which is normally associated with Thai food in America.”

Food Recommendations

In addition to sipping on Thai beers and discovering the ‘secret Thai menu,’ past customers praise the following options at Chabaa Thai Cuisine:

• When ordering the duck fried rice, which is a favorite amongst customers, consider sampling the chili sauce and jalapeños found in the spice condiment tray.

• For garlic lovers, the Chicken Noddle Soup, which is made with cilantro, green onions, and flat wide rice noodles served in a clear broth that successfully hides the fried garlic settled in the middle of the bowl, is revealed when the liquid is stirred.

• Customers have noted that the peanut sauce served with the Chicken Satay is “amazingly creamy.”

Closest Golden Gate Park Attractions

The closest attraction in Golden Gate Park to Chabaa Thai Cuisine is the Elk Glen Meadow.

Hours: Daily 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.