Hoover Redwood Grove

Located in the middle of Golden Gate Park, the grassy oasis of Hoover Redwood Grove offers the scenery and natural beauty of local ‘gentle giants’ known as Coast Redwoods (or Sequoia sempervirens). The peaceful...

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Heroes Grove

The Heroes Grove in Golden Gate Park is dedicated to the memory of members belonging to the San Francisco Parlors, Native Sons of the Golden West, who gave their lives during World War I and II. A peaceful collection of coastal...

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AIDS Memorial Grove

As individuals living with AIDS, caregivers, and loved ones struggle to make sense of such an undiscriminating disease, support and comfort becomes one of their greatest allies. Filled with the hope and warmth that nature...

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Colonial Trees Grove

The Colonial Trees Grove in Golden Gate Park is unique because it is home to the collection of Colonie Historic Trees which pay homage to the original 13 Colonies. The plantings date back to 1896 – thanks to the efforts of the...

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Oak Woodlands Natural Areas

While the majority of Golden Gate Park is decorated with manicured lawns, blooming flowerbeds, and additional ornamental details, every once in a while you’ll encounter historic reminders of San Francisco’s native...

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The East Edge

Stretching ½ mile along Stanyan Street and kissing the end of the Panhandle, the eastern edge of Golden Gate Park offers an array of attractions, including the reed- and fern-filled Alvord Lake, the historic McLaren Lodge, and...

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George Washington Bicentennial Grove

Offering greenery galore, shade trees, and pleasant hideaway for history buffs, the George Washington Bicentennial Grove at Golden Gate Park pays homage to the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. A redwood tree...

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George Washington Elm

Planted in 1932, the George Washington Elm in Golden Gate Park has a historic connection to the first President of the United States. With the ability to live up to 200 years, you have plenty of opportunities to visit,...

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