Alvord Lake

As you walk past the columns at the end of Haight Street, you will find a small lake in Golden Gate Park shaded by a cluster of trees. The man-made Alvord Lake dates back to the 1880s and was a part of the initial development of...

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Mallard Lake

Known as a real treat for birding enthusiasts, Mallard Lake is a small yet one of the ‘prettier’ bodies of water found in Golden Gate Park. With eye-catching treasures, a scattering of flowers, and increased...

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Lloyd Lake

There’s something quite magical about a lake decorated with the elegance of a white marble archway and majestic columns. This is probably the best description of Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park. Named in memory of former...

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Elk Glen Lake

While elk may have roamed the greenery of Golden Gate Park at one time (along with many other exotic animals), the four-legged creature is no longer a resident of the park. Instead, you’ll find the sights and sounds of a...

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Stow Lake

Stow Lake is a manmade lake in Golden Gate Park with a rich history that dates back to 1893. The lake has provided San Franciscans with an outdoor escape for more than a century, as they come to enjoy the scenery and allure of...

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Spreckels Lake

Situated on the northern side of the park, you will find Spreckels Lake located close to 36th Avenue – a haven for active pursuits in Golden Gate Park. The lake was named after sugar magnate and former Park Commissioner of San...

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The Waterfalls of Golden Gate Park

The cascading allure of a waterfall is a mesmerizing sight to see, especially when you’re paying a visit to Golden Gate Park. To enhance the experience, the surrounding flora and fauna creates a magical moment that...

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Metson Lake

Despite its smaller size, Metson Lake has gained a reputation for being one of the prettiest lakes in Golden Gate Park. Less frequented than other bodies of water, the relatively overlooked location of the Metson Lake means you...

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