Framed by towering trees and a garden border, the grassy space of Bunny Meadow in Golden Gate Park offers a pleasant, quiet hideaway to relax and enjoy your surroundings. This retreat is situated behind the Conservatory of Flowers – making it the perfect place to enjoy a picnic before or after checking out the latest plants and blooms.

Things to Do

While there are no picnic tables or BBQ grills at Bunny Meadow, you are more than welcome to tote along your own equipment to sizzle up a few hamburgers during a family outing in the park. Or, you can pack your own feast and spread out a blanket across the grass to enjoy a romantic lunch for two. Open alcoholic containers (beer and wine) are permitted within the picnic space, but kegs and hard liquor are not allowed in the park.

Birthday parties held at the meadow have included inflatable bounce houses and similar apparatuses in the past, but an additional permit is required for set-up. From April to September, these structures are not allowed on the weekends due to road closures. You should also know that electricity is not provided at this site. The grassy meadow is mostly flat and medium-sized, which means you’ll have enough room to play games, such as kickball, volleyball, tag, and other lawn activities.

While you can reserve Bunny Meadow, there are several public, non-reservable picnic and game tables located just north of the meadow – accessible by walking across a connected path. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bathrooms are located directly across Conservatory Drive West (next to the Conservatory of Flowers).

Location and Parking

Located on the north side of Conservatory Drive West, you will find Bunny Meadow situated between Arguello Boulevard and John F. Kennedy Drive – right across the street from the back of the Conservatory of Flowers. There is no sign marking the meadow’s location. To reach the meadow by car, travel down Conservatory Drive West. Free parking is available along Conservatory Drive, but keep in mind that car access ends at Fulton Street on Sundays.