As you tour the Stow Lake area while paddling or boating across the waters, you may greet the waddle of adorable ducks or catch sight of lumbering turtles who bask in the sunlight upon rocks surrounding the shoreline. The lake, which is the largest at Golden Gate Park, has become a favorite gathering spot for fly fishers, as well as beginner boaters.

Exploring the Strawberry Hill & Stow Lake Area

As you cruise across Stow Lake, you will have the chance to admire the surrounding scenery that this popular section of Golden Gate Park has to offer. It is also here, that the park’s principal reservoir can be found.

The views about the lake may present the occasional joggers lifting into the air along the grass-filled shoreline, while romantic walks take place about the 430-foot-high artificial island called Strawberry Hill. It is here that the highest point of the park is situated, positioned right in the middle of the lake.

Many picnics are enjoyed here, where the views of the city and bay are truly breathtaking. Strawberry Hill is also home to an inviting pagoda, as well as a refreshing waterfall, which makes the perfect detour for your cruise about Stow Lake.

Equipment Rental

When you are in need of equipment to enjoy the area waters, you should head for the Stow Lake Bike & Boat Rentals, which can be found at 50 Stow Lake Dr. Positioned at the northwestern side of the lake, an array of paddleboats and rowboats can be rented, including electric and pedal selections. Any questions you may have regarding details and rates can be answered when calling 752-0347.

To claim a boat rental, head for the boathouse from 10am to 4pm, where daily rentals are plentiful (depending on the weather). To get a sense of the type of rates to expect, four-passenger rowboats usually cost $13 per hour, while four-person paddleboats cost $17 per hour. It is also important to keep in mind that only cash is accepted for all rentals.