The satisfying seasonal spread of San Francisco makes baseball adventures a year-round activity. When it comes to playing baseball at Golden Gate Park, you will find plenty of worthy fields to explore. Whether you wish to work on your homer swing or participate in a full-out ballgame, there are two hardball and two softball diamonds situated throughout the park. A wide-range of fields are also offered at Golden Gate Park, creating the perfect setting for a picnic, followed by a pick-up game of one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Who Plays Baseball at Golden Gate Park?

While there are plenty of open fields for amateur and recreational play, the residents of the San Francisco area gather at the park for high school tournaments, middle school practices, and elementary school level try-outs. There are also more organized associations that congregate at Golden Gate Park, such as the wood bat semi-pro baseball team, the San Francisco Angels.

Baseball at Kezar Stadium

A variety of sporting teams reserve the field at this 10,000-seat stadium, which is equipped with an all-weather track for public use and team warm-up laps. Baseball practice and play is held at the stadium, which can be arranged by calling the Park and Recreation athletic office at 753-7032. Kezar Stadium can be found at 755 Stanyan St.

Baseball at Big Rec Ball Field

As you venture into the southern border of the park, you will happen upon the fields positioned in the 7th Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard area. Here, two open fields meet with one another to create the Big Rec baseball arena. On the left (in the west), Big Rec Graham can be found, while the east (on the right) offers the spaciousness of Big Rec Nealon. Together, the two baseball diamonds showcase an array of baseball games on the weekends.

With a history that dates back to the 1894 Mid-Winter Fair, Big Rec once served as the Parade Ground previous to becoming one of the most popular recreational centers in the park. Out of all the open fields in Golden Gate Park, it is Big Rec that comes in a close second to the central Polo Field meadow located by JFK and Middle Dr as the best on the block. The baseball diamonds are available through reservations, which can be made by calling 831-5510.

When coming to play or watch baseball games at Big Rec, you should know that parking is not allowed in the areas located close to the diamonds. If you need to bring in equipment, there is a service road situated at the corner of Martin Luther King and 9th Avenue. It is important to drive with caution because at this time, a lot of children are running about the area. Once equipment is dropped off, you should return to the public streets to locate acceptable parking spots.

Additional Fields for Baseball

Baseball games may appear in a wide-range of locations about the park. If the baseball diamonds at Big Rec are occupied, field games are held at Sharon Field (located at JFK and Kezar Drive), Stanyan Meadow (which is smaller in size), as well as inviting picnicking spots, such as Corona Park and McLaren Park, which is situated on the Shelley Loop.