While some will meditate for hours to achieve their Zen this Saturday, others can just go to Sharon Meadows and fill their ears with the zaftig sounds of the Now and Zen Festival put on by Alice @ 97.3 FM. Remember those hits “Hey Jealousy” and “Found Out About You”? Relive the 90’s with the Gin Blossoms as they lure you into a heightened state of nostalgic bliss. Also on stage will be UK soul singer Joss Stone, as well as James “You’re Beautiful” Blunt.

If that doesn’t do the trick, take a walk on the wild flower side at the Japanese tea garden. Here you can sip tea amongst the pagodas and watch the maples beginning to turn. The garden started as a World Fair Exhibit in 1894 called the Japanese Village. When the exposition closed, Makoto Hagiwara – caretaker of the garden and also inventor of the fortune cookie (no, seriously, it’s not Chinese) – maintained the beautiful display of Japanese traditional culture and according to some actually improved upon it. As legend has it, a Japanese ambassador, after touring the garden and being questioned about it, reflected wisely, “We have nothing to equal it in Japan.” Very Zen, if you think about it.