The 45th Ave Playground (“Boat Park” or “Boat Playground”) in Golden Gate Park offers a delightful setting to take in the sights and sounds at one of the most well-known beloved parks in America. Surrounded by the allure of cypress trees on the southwestern edge of the park, the ocean-themed play structures are a real hit with the kids. Children race to climb in the large, painted boat-like apparatus. Bring along a bucket and shovel for younger children to enjoy the sandy play area.

Things to Do

The 45th Avenue Playground is an ideal place to enjoy picnics, bagged lunches, and BBQ feasts. With four picnic tables surrounding the playground, you can reserve one of the spaces for your next outing. Two tables are located just along the edge of the play structures, while another two are situated on the grassy knoll bordering to the west of the action. While there are no BBQ grills available at the playground, you are encouraged to bring your own. Since kids run rampant here, no alcoholic beverages are allowed at this site. Also, keep in mind that there are no restrooms at the 45th Avenue Playground.

The atmosphere and 45th Avenue play structures create a nice setting for a children’s birthday party. You can also set up inflatable bounce houses once you secure an additional permit. However, road closures occur on weekends from April to September so this will prevent you from using such structures during this time of the year. Also, no electricity is provided at this site.

Location and Parking

To reach the 45th Avenue Playground, you should head for the end of the walking path that leads into the park after entering 45th Avenue and Lincoln Way. You can also access the playground from the south side of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive – west of 41st Avenue. Please note that there are no signs designating the 45th Avenue Playground. Drivers will find free parking along MLK Drive and Lincoln Way.