Situated in the middle of Golden Gate Park, the 14th Ave East Meadow is ready to accommodate an array of leisure pursuits, family gatherings, and celebrations. The small meadow offers a suitable grassy glen located along John F. Kennedy Drive and across the street from Stow Lake Drive. In addition to seeing many picnics, the meadow has been a part of a range of running events over the years, including the Strawberry Waffle 5K Dash and New Year’s Eve 5K Dash.

Things to Do

The 14th Avenue East Meadow is equipped with one picnic table located at the back of the grass. While no BBQ grill is available, you can always bring your own. In the front of the meadow, you will find one handicap-accessible table. During picnics and parties, adults are allowed to drink beer and wine within the picnic area, but liquor and kegs are not permitted in the park.

If the meadow has caught your eye as a potential location for a child’s birthday party, you can set up an inflatable play structure (such as a jumpy house), but not over the weekends from April to September. This is due to road closures. Also, electricity is not provided at this site. Other activities that often take place at 14th Ave East include kickball, volleyball, soccer, and other lawn games. This is the perfect time to brush up on your Frisbee-throwing skills or try your luck with a game of horseshoes.

The nearest restroom for14th Avenue East visitors is found next to the Rose Garden.

Location and Parking

To reach the 14th Avenue East picnic area, head for the north side of John F. Kennedy Drive, which is also east of the beginning of Stow Lake Drive. While no signs are in place to mark 14th Avenue East, you can still see the picnic tables from the street. When driving to the meadow, free parking is found along JFK Drive. However, keep in mind that no cars are allowed here on Saturdays (April to September) and all year-round on Sundays.