This weekend, head for the San Francisco County Fair Building (located at Ninth Avenue and Lincoln Way) to enjoy an explosion of music, art, literature, and engaging speakers at the 14th annual Anarchist Book Fair, located at Golden Gate Park. With two days of festivities, I encourage you to come on two wheels and take advantage of free valet bicycle parking offered at this event (March 14th – 10am to 6pm and March 15th – 11am to 5pm).

As you enter the main hall, prepare yourself to become enchanted with the presence of about 60 local and West Coast vendors, who will gather to sell their wares and educate the masses. With an assortment of t-shirts, books, zines, and other goods, you will encounter an interesting collection of distributors, independent presses, political groups, and booksellers to keep you busy.

Just some of the speakers featured at the Anarchist Book Fair include:

• Judith Levine – activist for sexual liberation and peace
• Diane Di Prima – poet
• Mark Anquoe – activist with the American Indian Movement in San Francisco
• Rachel West –spokeswoman for the US PROStitutes Collective

On Saturday, don’t forget to check out Arizmendi for food and drinks – a local co-op specializing in pastries, artisan breads, and gourmet pizza. For more details on this free event, visit